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How you can Unscramble Digital TV channels on FTA boxes using software

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How you can Unscramble Digital TV channels on FTA boxes using software

Post  Admin on Wed Jun 19, 2013 9:12 am

Get all paid channels on the free to air box Free of charge
When you do a scan of the existing channels on Freeview dvb-t or dvb-t2, you will realize that many channels are pay TV channels. Pay TV channels are encrypted and require a smart card to decode. They are labeled with  $ or € or £ sign and whenever you try to watch them they say scrambled channel. This means that you have to subscribe before you can view them. These channels are called subscription-only channels and are only accessible to customers of pay TV, companies that offer extra content over the Freeview systems.

But how can these scrambled channels be viewed on a Free to air box or freeview TV set?

To unscramble scrambled channels, you needed to have box known as “digital TV unscrambler box” which is illegal or not allowed to use in some countries. Thanks to advancement in technology, now you don't need to have it. If your decoder has a Usb or memory card slot, you can upgrade its software to Unscramble all available Digital TV channels.  This way you will be able to view over 100 TV & radio channels, all subscription free.

How to you get this upgrade firmware?

As we are not the authors of this digitalTV unscrambler firmware, we are providing a direct download link from the author’s website. The author is not charging anything for downloading but we are charging 5$ to reveal the download link. This is to help us maintain this site.
Click on this button to donate $5 after which you will automatically be redirected to the site where you will download this digitalTV unscrambler firmware free of charge.

How to upgrade free to air box with this digitalTV unscrambler firmware
After downloading this firmware, save the files to a usb flash disk or memory card.
Turn on the tv box and insert your usb disc.
Using your tv box remote control, press menu and select software upgrade >via usb
A dialog will pop requiring you to confirm. Press ok to confirm upgrade and wait for it to upgrade. (This process takes about two minutes to complete.) NB. You can also return your decoder to its factory or original settings any time if you wish.
When upgrade completes, switch the box off and on again and perform an automatic scan and you will be amazed to see that all the channels that were previously marked with $, € or £ are now unbscrambled and accessible free of charge.

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Re: How you can Unscramble Digital TV channels on FTA boxes using software

Post  ekeonemillion Yesterday at 1:18 pm

Please does this firmware still work? I recently purchased. Dvb t2 box and will want to descramble the channels.


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