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I can show how to configure your safaricom modem settings to browse almost for free

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I can show how to configure your safaricom modem settings to browse almost for free

Post  Admin on Wed Jan 25, 2012 4:15 pm

Using modem to browse is good coz you can access internet wherever you are as long as there is network. The challenge comes when it comes to the issue of money coz it is expensive to browse for long.Again in Kenya, it is evident that the carriers with the strongest network are the most expensive while those with weak network are cheap.

I have discovered a set of programs that help configure modem dial up connection to compress data received from internet and remove unnecessary ads thus reducing the the bandwidths. Before I was using more than 200 shillings to browse for a whole day with safaricom line but now i barely use 20 bob from 8 to 5pm with the same line.I work from home and so this pro has been of great help to me and I hope it will also be to you leave alone saving you time and money.  If you like it,contact me now on +254721110793 and start saving your hard earned money.

You can even download this safaricom Data Consumption Reduce Package (DCRP) Here in advance then call Boniface on 0721110793 for instructions. NB. This package is password protected so you will have to call him to obtain password and installation guideline @ a small fee.

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