Download Artificial Academy HF game And Patch

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Download Artificial Academy HF game And Patch

Post  Admin on Fri Feb 03, 2017 11:14 am

Hello, do you by any chance still have the HF Patch for Love Death 3? The link in HF is always down
We need the HF patch
The link to the Artificial Academy 1 HF Patch ( seems dead. Mind directing me to a copy?

Artificial Academy ENGLISH Patch Download (All in one)

Download a working copy here:Artificial_Academy_HF.rar

To download you need to make a donation via paypal since it has taken us a lot of time to compile the files. After donating you will be taken to the download page automatically.  I uploaded everything you need to get the game in playing and mode by yourself. Nothing else is required from your side. enjoy!

Technical Help - Hgames Wiki
to install the game correctly and then run the HF Patch
[illusion] Artificial Academy
Here you can find artificial academy hf patch 4.0
latest updates Set II Support 141110, English translations
Full Version [ILLUSION] Artificial Academy 2 [V4 pre-patched] [English
How to Cheats in Artificial Academy 2
Artificial Academy 2 HF Patch.exe
it will prompt you to insert disk 2
i cant click go to school from a new game

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Post  Admin on Fri Feb 03, 2017 11:45 am

Ali Ahmed wrote:how do you install mods in to the game?
Jason wrote:thanks man add me as an contact or something going to start posting vids these might abridged series so if your not into anime you still might find it funny
Guest wrote:thanks it works. but i have no idea how to play this game.
Wesley wrote:same thing for me, first time i played, I had no idea what to do, I had to look at guides and stuff online to understand what each button did and stuff

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Re: Download Artificial Academy HF game And Patch

Post  Admin on Sat Feb 04, 2017 11:22 am

ntai simulator Very Happy .........if you're under 18 plz just dont download this game

People under 18 wouldn't even know this game..... unless they search for it :/

I know it from azzman :/ and I'm under 18 XD

i started playing this game at 16 B)

I am a young teen and I know this game.


Does this even work?? Razz

Why not? Btw I am 24 so yea XD

just download it. there is the latest version here

Has anyone figured out how to get this game running I'm so confused. When I open the launcher and click start game it gives me an error saying config file is not found (data). Can anyone help me out?

You have to use the register file and then make sure the save location in the game registry(regedit and so on) is correct. I had problems with the character editor ;_; It is not english. I assume you need characters to play it ;_;

Load more comments...:
I'm still confused how to get the config file for it.

Igg put a full installed game online. Therefore you have to register this installation in your windows and put the correct path for the installation in the registry correct. With this done you should not only be able to config it without error, but also start it.

All right because I edited the registry to the main directory and added it to the registry. For some reason it still gives me an error.

Which error do you get? A little more specific and maybe we can solve it together.

Thanks for wanting to help but some how I got it to work. I just deleted the whole folder and re-extracted again. Have you tried to install the mods yet?

I did not tried it. When the game started and I was in this room, I wanted to play it, but I think I have to create "Chars" for it. The Charactereditor is in japese if I am not wrong.

I see what you were talking about with the charactereditor in Japanese I'm hoping there is a way to put that in English. I found out you don't need to make your own character in the editor to play the game. I'm still trying to figure out what to do exactly and sometimes I find myself not being able to get out of conversations.

Hmmmm all right.

Could you help me with the game I have been trying to install it but am finding it hard.

Yeah I can try. 1. Go into IGG-ArtificialAcademy2 folder than go into aa2 folder you will see a AA2_install file that should be registration entries type file. 2. You want to right click the file and click edit.It should open notepad of the file. 3. In the file you will see "INSTALLDIR" you want to edit the file location for both of the "INSTALLDIR" 4. The file location is where the aa2 folder is. What you can do is where the aa2 folder is copy the location of the file location on top of the window explore 5. IMPORTANT When you paste the file location for both of the "INSTALLDIR" it will have a single \ you need to add an extra for each of them \\. Here is an example: D:\Program Files (x86)\IGG-ArtificialAcademy2\aa2 of when you copy the file location original. You need to edit it to look like this D:\\Program Files (x86)\\IGG-ArtificialAcademy2\\aa2 1

I've done this and it still didn't work.. When I pressed Start Game, it did nothing, not even an error..

What application did you click on to start the game?

AA2 Play_English and AA2 Translation Loader

All right so you might need to install Applocale.exe I think that might be in the folder when you download and unzip the files from IGG-Games.

I've searched for in the zip files, can't seem to find it. is there any other place that I can download it?

Thanks Alot. You really helped me out there.

Glad to hear! No problem.

Sorry To Be A Pain. But what's the deal with the game every time I try to talk to a character the % stays 0 and they tell me to leave them alone is that a common problem or something new. (I'm Using The English Version Just so you know)

Yeah I'm getting that same thing too. Even if you use the cheat version of the game I get this glitch were I get stuck in conversation with the person.

So Is there any thing that could fix it. Maybe a patch or something.

There could be? I haven't really done too much research on it.

Just found a Wiki Page with Technical Help that seems to cover everything I'll add a link for it also the games doesn't work apparently on Windows 10.

Oh sweet! Thank you for showing me this.

Hey, sorry to bother so late but im getting a error message saying Config file is not found (Data), could you maybe help me out?

Yeah did you check my post above. I don't remember if that will fix that error for you. I haven't played the game in a while. If that doesn't work let me know there might be one more thing you can try.

I got it working, thank you anyway 1

Glad to hear! No problem.

How do u download omg


if you haven't already figured this out, you can't download on iPad. There are only PC games on this site 1

Btw I'm on Apple iPad mini

well i am 22 years old so yeah


Thank you for uploading this. This game looks really interesting lol.


thanks a lot man . your the best .


...Did you happen to post this on a group discussion on Steam?

i knew it and im under 18 (im in 4 class)

I am rather surprised to find this here of all places...

I haven't downloaded this version as I actually downloaded it off a different torrent site, but anyone interested in this game should look up the general discussion thread on honfgire as it has quite a couple useful guides on how to properly install and set up this game, there's also a wiki article created to provide further help.

Another reason to go to hongfire is the HF Patch, this is one of those games that pretty much needs mods to be the best it can be, personally I don't care much for its eroge sections as they're pretty straightforward and have no real rhyme or reason most of the time but it is rather hilarious just to see the daily lives of high school students and the shenanigans that happen. The HF patch is just an easier way to get menu translations and the like working, as well as uncensor patches if you're into that stuff. Additionally, it opens the doors to easily installing many other mods with little complication.

Just figured I'd put that up there and anyone that's interested can easily use google and find the right place.

is this english subs?

by Crimson Array

Hello, I would just like to recommend a change in the instructions regarding the installation of Artificial Academy 2..

For steps 16 - 18 where it says: "16. Go to "Append Set I & II" Folder, then "Append Set I" and run "Filecopy.exe" with Japanese Locale as Administrator (You will need LocaleEmulator for the right-click options)

17. Press the left button and wait until it finishes, then click the right button.

18. Repeat Steps 16 & 17, but go to "Append Set II" Folder instead."

I would recommend going for this instead: "16. Go to "Append Set I & II" Folder, then "Append Set I", then "setup", then "edit", then "data" and copy the contents inside of that folder into the data folder of where you installed Artificial Academy 2.

17. Go to "Append Set I & II" Folder, then "Append Set I", then "setup", then "main",then "data" and copy the contents inside of that folder into the data folder of where you installed Artificial Academy 2.

18. Repeat Steps 16 & 17, but go to "Append Set II" Folder instead."

I recommend this because the FileCopy.exe would fail all the time. I have tested with multiple computers and it just kept failing. ( I do have Japanese Local helping me )

see more

Sub!!! I need little aid here I followed all the steps on guide and when i try to play it i am missing EVERYONE!!! If you could help me that would be super x3



i know this game already i'm not dumb...anyone can search it!!

So this is apparently an eroge..... I still want to try it out but I'm scared it'll give me viruses :/


What? :c

These guys upload virus free stuff,don't worry been using this site for idek how long

Oh, okay. Thanks for telling me Smile


for what all of this part ??? do i must download all of the part ???

hi guys can help me, my instalation sucsses, but when i playing and klick "follow me" that game still running can option and quit and load, but chatting stuck can't do anything. please help

"Unfortunately, under the company's regulations, our softwares are only available for domestic customers over 18 and not for sale in other countries," Can anyone help me?

Did you press the NO button? 'Cause if you want that puss puss you gotta press YES.

Nah, it didnt work with my Windows 8, but once I downgraded (or as I prefer upgraded) it back to 7 it worked as I installed the JpnAppLocal again.

what website??

If you guys are confused just check this guide out its simple easy and its a video Razz

This will solve most errors 2 Plz note that this is not me in the video nor did I make the video just was bored ad decided to help all the perverts out Razz

ty man , this is work . very ty

is this game english or partial one (i hope either one) ? i cant read japaneese TT_TT

Since it has parts, you just extract part 1 into the same folder, and play the game. :^)

that doesnt work Sad



I've got something pretty weird, I got everything going but when i'm playing everyone hate me. I started a new game but whatever i say they just tell me to backoff or stuff like that, at the top left i've got a number going down to 0 when I say something. Also after a certain amond of time my game freeze and I can't do anything, I see people in the back moving but I can't click on anything. If someone could help me, thanks !

I have this error coming up when i try and run the patch wondering if I missed a step for it to show this error. I have set the registry to the proper places for regedit, and I can run the Aa2editor for the character creation just fine,

I might just uninstall the game and reinstall it unless there is a way I find a solution too this.


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Re: Download Artificial Academy HF game And Patch

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