a software for Downloading Mega.co.nz Files without errors

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a software for Downloading Mega.co.nz Files without errors

Post  Admin on Fri Apr 17, 2015 7:25 am

if you want to download large files from Mega.co.nz with resume capability and with high download speed you need to use MegaDownloaderv1.1 complete. unlike MegaDownloader 0.7, 0.3, 0.82 beta, MegaDownloaderv1.1 complete does not generate errors.It resumes the download when your internet connection is lost.  Many sites are offering beta versions of megadownloader which were working well a year ago but now they are not able to capture downloads from mega.co.nz due to the increased security measures.

One of the sites that are offering the current version of megadownloader is linkshare. though at a cost, we highly recommend it as they don't have surveys or multiple redirections. they serve direct download links.

link: http://linkshare.890m.com/MegaDownloader-v11-complete

mega.co.nz #! File ID  exe.dll Error Using IDM  Unrestrict.li

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