How to upgrade your FTA dvbt2 STB firmware

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How to upgrade your FTA dvbt2 STB firmware

Post  Admin on Sat Feb 14, 2015 7:57 am

This is how to upgrade your free-to-air DVB-T2 set-top-box firmware for quality audio & video plus loads of added functionality.

First download the latest firmware software from This Website.

Put the downloaded usb_upgrade_all_flash.bin into the USB Flash.

Insert the USB Flash , then press "menu" button

The below picture will appear ; then
press"left-right" button , choose System , choose Software Update , Enter into
Updating document.

The next step: choose USB Upgrade , press"OK"to enter

Then Choose the document in the USB Flash to update , press remote controller "OK" button, and the machine will re-start automatically.

The following picture will appear. Never power off during the updating process.

Wait until the Progress status is 100% , then the machine will re-start automatically. The updating will be fully finished. Because of the updating,
some information will not be totally updated. You'll need to restore Factory Default as shown in this screenshot.

Input code (888888) or (000000)

Then press remote controller"OK"button. The decoder will re-start and the updating
will be 100% completed

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