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All Country code second-level domain (ccSLD)- Register With Accredited Registrar

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All Country code second-level domain (ccSLD)- Register With Accredited Registrar

Post  Admin on Sat Aug 16, 2014 11:19 am

Second-level domain (SLD) is the section of the url of your website on the left of the last dot. Simply put, it’s located on the left of the TLD (top-level domain). For instance

Registering Your Domain Name
You Need to register your domain name via an ICANN-certified  Domain registrar (or partner website) such as esharpdigital. To register the website name, key in your preferred domain NAME into the lookup form. In the event that it is available, simply continue to checkout. esharpdigital will take you step-by-step through the registration. They also offer international TLD domains e.g .com, .net, .biz, .org @ reasonable prices starting from $5 with no hidden cost, no monthly recurring fee and no automated charging.

ccSLD Usage
Country code second-level domain names have a pre-defined purpose. Whenever you register your own domain name, you should select the second-level domain that best corresponds to your kind of activity. For instance, you can only use the .org.us domain if you really are a non-profit organization.

Below is a list of ALL ccSLDs used around the globe. Select the cctSLD you prefer, search availability and order.

Africa unrestricted Domains starting from $6
The Democratic Republic Congo .cd .cg         Cameroon .cm  .co.cm  .com.cm  .net.cm        Kenya .co.ke  .or.ke          Madagascar .co.mg  .com.mg  .mg  .net.mg  .org.mg          Malawi  .co.mw  .com.mw  .coop.mw  .mw        Namibia  .co.na .com.na  .na .org.na      Uganda  .co.ug  .ug       South Africa .co.za   .web.za  .za.com        L ibya .com.ly  .ly         Nigeria  .com.ng   .ng      Seychelles  .com.sc   .sc          Mauritius .mu        Rwanda   .rw         Saint Helena  .sh        Somalia  .so          Sao Tome And Principal  .st

Asia unrestricted Domains starting from $7
Australia .auz.info   Australia .auz.net  Australia .com.au  Australia .id.au  Australia .net.au  Australia .org.au  Special .auz.biz   Azerbaijan .az  Azerbaijan .com.az  Azerbaijan .int.az  Azerbaijan .net.az  Azerbaijan .org.az  Azerbaijan .pp.az  Bahrain .bh  Bahrain .com.bh  Fiji .biz.fj  Fiji .com.fj  Fiji .info.fj  Fiji .name.fj  Fiji .net.fj  Fiji .org.fj  Fiji .pro.fj  Indonesia .biz.id  Indonesia .co.id  Indonesia .id  Indonesia  .my.id  Indonesia .web.id  Kiribati .biz.ki  Kiribati .com.ki  

Kiribati .info.ki  Kiribati .ki  Kiribati .mobi.ki  Kiribati .net.ki  Kiribati .org.ki  Kiribati .phone.ki  Pakistan .biz.pk  Pakistan .com.pk  Pakistan .net.pk  Pakistan .org.pk  Pakistan .pk  Pakistan .web.pk  Cocos (keeling) Islands .cc  China .cn  China .cn.com  China .com.cn  China .net.cn  China .org.cn  China .中国  India .co.in  India .firm.in  India .gen.in  India .in ndia .in.net ndia .ind.in  India .net.in   India .org.in  Iran .co.ir  Iran .ir  Japan .co.jp  Japan .jp  Japan .jp.net  Japan .jpn.com  Japan .ne.jp  Japan .or.jp  South Korea .co.kr  South Korea .kr  South Korea .kr.com  

South Korea .ne.kr  South Korea .or.kr  South Korea .한국  Thailand .co.th  Thailand .in.th  Bangladesh .com.bd  Hong Kong .com.hk  Hong Kong .hk  Hong Kong .hk.com  Hong Kong .hk.org  Hong Kong .idv.hk  Hong Kong .inc.hk  Hong Kong .ltd.hk  Hong Kong .org.hk  Hong Kong .公司.香港  Hong Kong .香港  Hong Kong .網絡.香港  Hong Kong .組織.香港  Jordan .com.jo  Jordan .jo  Kazakhstan .com.kz  Kazakhstan .kz  Kazakhstan .org.kz  Sri Lanka .com.lk  Sri Lanka .lk  Sri Lanka .org.lk  Malaysia .com.my  Malaysia .my  Norfolk Island .com.nf  Norfolk Island .info.nf  Norfolk Island .net.nf  Norfolk Island .nf  Norfolk Island .web.nf  Philippines .com.ph  Philippines .ph

Palestine .com.ps  Palestine .net.ps  Palestine .org.ps  Palestine .ps  Saudi Arabia .com.sa  Saudi Arabia .sa  Saudi Arabia .sa.com  Solomon Islands .com.sb  Solomon Islands .net.sb  Solomon Islands .org.sb  Singapore .com.sg  Singapore .edu.sg  Singapore   .org.sg  Singapore .per.sg  Singapore .sg  Taiwan .com.tw  Taiwan .tw Vietnam .com.vn  Vietnam .net.vn  Vietnam .org.vn  Vietnam .vn  Vanuatu .com.vu  Vanuatu .vu  Christmas Island .cx  Micronesia .fm  British Indian Ocean Territory .io  Laos .la  Mongolia .mn  Niue .nu  Qatar .qa  Qatar .قطر  Tokelau .tk  Timor-leste .tl  Turkmenistan .tm  Tonga .to  Tuvalu .tv  Samoa .ws

Europe unrestricted Domains starting from $5
Isle Of Man .ac.im .co.im .com.im .im .ltd.co.im .net.im .org.im .plc.co.im  Armenia .am  Austria .at  .co.at  .or.at   Bosnia And Herzegovina .ba  Belgium  .be .bg    Poland .biz.pl  .com.pl  .info.pl  .net.pl  .org.pl   .pl   Turkey .biz.tr  .com.tr  .info.tr  .tv.tr web.tr  Belarus  .by  Switzerland .ch  Estonia  .co.ee  .ee Guernsey  .co.gg  .gg  Greenland  .co.gl  .com.gl  hungary .co.hu  .hu  .hu.com  Israel .co.il  .org.il  Jersey  .co.je  .je  Netherlands .co.nl  .nl  

Norway .co.no  .no  .no.com  Serbia .co.rs  .in.rs  .rs  United Kingdom  .co.uk  .gb.com  .org.uk  .uk  .uk.com  .uk.net  Germany .com.de  .de  .de.com  Spain  .com.es  .es  .nom.es  .org.es  Greece  .com.gr  .gr  .gr.com  Croatia  .com.hr  .hr Macedonia .com.mk  .mk  Malta  .com.mt  .net.mt  .org.mt  Portugal  .com.pt  .pt  Romania .com.ro  .ro  Russian Federation  .com.ru  .net.ru  .ru  .ru.com  .su  .рф  Ukraine  .com.ua .ua  Czech Republic .cz  Denmark .dk  European Union .eu .eu.com  Finland .fi  

France .fr .pm .re .tf .wf .yt  United Kingdom (gb) .gb.net  Ireland .ie .is  Italy .it Liechtenstein .li   Lithuania .lt Luxembourg .lu  Latvia .lv  Republic Of Moldova .md  Northern Mariana Islands .mp  Sweden .se .se.com .se.net .si .sk

America unrestricted Domains starting from $6
Antigua And Barbuda .ag  .co.ag .com.ag .net.ag .nom.ag .org.ag    Anguilla .ai .com.ai    Argentina .ar.com  .com.ar  merica Samoa .as Puerto Rico .biz.pr .com.pr .net.pr .org.pr .pr  Trinidad And Tobago".biz.tt  .co.tt  .com.tt .tt  Bolivia .bo  com.bo  Brazil  .br.com  .com.br .net.br .tv.br Bahamas.bs .com.bs Belize.bz  .co.bz .com.bz .net.bz  .org.bz Canada.ca  .qc.com  Chile.cl Costa Rica.co.cr .cr  Dominica.co.dm .dm    Guyana.co.gy .com.gy .gy   Saint Lucia.co.lc .com.lc .lc   Montserrat.co.ms .com.ms .ms .org.ms  Nicaragua.co.ni .com.ni  Venezuela.co.ve .com.ve  

Virgin Islands (us).co.vi .com.vi  Colombia .com.co .net.co .nom.co    Cuba.com.cu .cu   Dominican Republic .com.do .do   Ecuador .com.ec .ec .info.ec .net.ec Guadeloupe .com.gp .gp   Guatemala .com.gt .gt   Honduras .com.hn .hn Haiti.com.ht .ht .net.ht .org.ht   Jamaica .com.jm   Saint Kitts And evis .com.kn .kn  Mexico .com.mx  .mex.com  .mx  Panama .com.pa  Peru.com.pe .pe  Paraguay .com.py  El Salvador .com.sv  Uruguay.com.uy  .uy  .uy.com  Saint Vincent And The Grenadines .com.vc  .net.vc .org.vc  .vc

Grenada .gd  South Georgia And The South Sandwind .gs   North America .north.am   South America .south.am  United States  .us .us.com  .us.org   Sint Maarten .sx   Turks And Caicos Islands .tc   Virgin Islands (british).vg

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