DVD/CD Copy Protection Software For PC

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DVD/CD Copy Protection Software For PC

Post  Admin on Mon Jul 21, 2014 1:03 pm

Did you know there is a software you can use to make copy protected CDs and DVDs which cannot be duplicated? This software uses state of the art technology to protect your digital products from unauthorized duplication. Whether you want to protect your audio cd, vcd, dvd movie, data cd/dvd, mp3, software etc against copying and illegal distribution, this software will let you do exactly that.  It is an easy-to-use software with a user friendly interface and a cd protection wizard which guides you through the process.

How to download
This pro is available for download @ a reasonable fee of $5. Click HERE to pay via PayPal and after checkout you will automatically be redirected to download page.

How it works
First you’ll need to insert your cd/dvd into the drive, and then create a .iso image from which you will reproduce CDs. While creating the image the software affixes some data to the cd compilation which make the CDs unreadable.  If you wish to make more copies you can only use the .iso image you created but you cannot use the protected cd to produce another cd.  

This software is ideal for musicians, actors, producers, software engineers and all who sell digital products on cds. With it it’s impossible for just anyone to duplicate your CD/DVDs.

The protected CD/dvd can be read by any CD/DVD reader but cannot be copied by any CD/DVD writer, no matter what software/firmware, burners are used.

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